Many people often think of Florida or Texas for their retirement, as they seek an escape from inclement weather. However, if you are looking for a location with a moderate climate, consider California. Many aging adults are, and of course native Californians want to stay close to home during their golden years.

As you begin your search for the right senior living options in California, you may wonder what you should look for, to ensure that your senior years are as golden as possible. Learn more about the services you might want and the factors to consider as you seek out the best senior living in California:

Modern Amenities

When planning to relocate for your senior years, you may initially consider an apartment, perhaps in an age restricted community. However, more seniors are choosing to move into senior living communities earlier than ever before, to allow for easy living. This shift is the result of the development of senior living communities that offer independent living options and modern amenities.

Many seniors might picture a senior living community as sterile, thinking they will be forced to give up their belongings and move into a standard room, with basic furniture. They might imagine days filled with dull activities and cafeteria meals. They might even fear being treated like an invalid, with few options, limited freedom, and a loss of dignity.

Today’s senior living options are a far cry from those outdated models. Now, aging adults can select senior living communities that seem much more like a resort. The residential options have varied floorplans, so each resident can select the one that works best for them. Pets are allowed and residents can bring their own belongings to make their personal space feel like home.

The resort-like vibe is the result of the amenities offered. Modern senior living communities offer gourmet meals prepared by a chef, in an anytime dining format. Activities are offered, but residents can choose which ones they will participate in. There is plenty of independence and freedom, combined with easy living and supportive services that can be used as needed.

Necessary Amenities

While most seniors initially look for a comfortable place they can settle down, many may also be looking towards the future, wanting to make their lives easier. Senior living communities offer services that do just that. With prepared meals and weekly housekeeping, residents are freed of the responsibilities they previously had to manage. These amenities are not just luxurious, they are sometimes necessary as physical limitations can make it more difficult to complete these tasks.

Adaptive Amenities

Not only do you want to look for senior living amenities that will make you comfortable, you may also want to look for amenities that will adapt to your needs as you age. Having the option for increased assistance, medical care management, and even memory care services will allow you to age-in-place by remaining in the same community, or at least the same care system throughout your golden years.

Next Steps

Today’s senior living options are geared towards enhancing quality of life, while also ensuring appropriate care to match each resident’s unique needs. If you are looking for senior living options in California, consider Quail Park on Cypress in Visalia. This community offers modern amenities, along with adaptive care services. Visit and take a tour to see if Quail Park might be the right fit for you.