As an aging adult, you may be looking for more ways to stay physically active. Over the years, water aerobics has grown in popularity as a great way to stay active. Although anyone of any age can enjoy water aerobics, it is particularly popular among seniors. Water aerobics for seniors is often offered in classes at gyms and the YMCA, with trained professionals leading a group through various routines. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of water aerobics for seniors:

1. Health Benefits

Like any form of exercise, water aerobics for seniors offers a multitude of health benefits. Research has shown that water aerobics can promote and maintain heart health. In general, aerobic activity is recommended for cardiovascular health. Getting the heart working and the blood pumping seems to make the cardiovascular system stronger, and more resistant to various heart conditions. If your doctor has recommended aerobic exercise for your heart health, consider trying water aerobics.

Water aerobics also helps to maintain metabolic health. Your metabolism is very important because it is affected by and effects so many other body functions. When your metabolism is in the right range, you will see a host of specific benefits like better sleep, improved digestion, and steadier energy levels.

2. Physical Health

Although you may not be able to immediately see and feel the improvements of cardiovascular health and metabolism, water aerobics also offers a host of benefits that will be more obvious to you. For example, water aerobics is a low impact exercise. This means that although you are working your body, you will not feel any impact to your joints and muscles. This is very important for seniors, especially those who may have arthritis or another condition that typically results in chronic joint pain.

Water aerobics for seniors also helps to maintain muscles mass and prevent muscle loss. By maintaining your muscles, you will also be supporting your bone and joint health. This will also help you to keep up your physical strength and reaction time, which otherwise tend to decline during the senior years.

3. Emotional Health

Some benefits of water aerobics occur far below the physical surface but can nonetheless be felt. These are the emotional benefits of water aerobics for seniors. The reality is, during the senior years, especially after retirement, many seniors will find themselves less actively involved with other people. For example, no longer having a daily job, can lead many seniors to lose their sense of routine and productivity. Having scheduled water aerobics classes can be a part of a new routine.

Also, water aerobics for aging adults’ classes are usually offered to groups. This provides a great opportunity to connect with and spend time with other people, who have similar interests to you. It can even be the perfect setting for building new friendships, which can provide untold emotional benefits.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Water aerobics provides many benefits to aging adults. Research shows it can help to maintain and promote physical health, physical functioning, and emotional health. Water aerobics is also easy to get involved with. It does not require much prior training. It can be helpful to know how to swim, but typically the classes are conducted in the shallow end of the pool so that seniors can stand flat-footed while they exercise. You just need swimming attire and a swim cap, if you want to keep your hair dry.

As noted, many gyms and YMCA’s offer water aerobics for seniors. You can check with your local resources to see what they have available, and some even offer senior discounts. Additionally, many senior living communities offer these types of classes for their residents. If this is an activity you are interested in, you can ask about it before moving any type of senior living residence.